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    The development history of the labeling machine and its great advantages

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    Over the past few decades, the labeling machine has occupied an important share in the market, although the cost of labeling machines in the integrated application is higher than the specific humidity glue, winding labels are higher, but compared to the winding shrinkage The label cost of the label is now much lower, so the label stickers have replaced the characteristics of other different labeling techniques or processes, mainly due to the self-adhesive label material, such as diversified, quit Glue label material stickers stickers appearance and more competition and integrated application costs.

    Labeling machines in the development of the market will inevitably accept all aspects of the challenge, such as its label paste technology challenges on the process, raw materials, such as challenges. Now around the label and come back to the new concept without the need for the end of the paper type in the market, can be paper can be a film; and shrink sleeve standard also because of the appearance of a good look and packaging and full coverage of the film, but also occupy the obvious market Share. In the case of fierce competition for different labeling processes, the labeling machine has made faster development by virtue of its advantages in cost control, raw material selection innovation and tailor-made solutions for high-end applications.

    Labeling machine there are many advantages, such as it is fully automated, do not need too much manpower to operate, with the majority of users for the savings of a large part of the cost.

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