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Automated packaging equipment
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    • BXP-200D Automatic Bottle Washing Machine

      BXP-200D Automatic Bottle Washi…

      Description : The machine uses the invent control roller intermittent rotary, high control accuracy, speed adjustment convenient. It uses the food grade pipeline design, attractive appearance, rational layout……

    • BXJ-D Rotary Bottle Feeding Machine

      BXJ-D Rotary Bottle Feeding Mac…

      Description : The template of this machine adopts stepless speed adjust foe slew, make all the bottles enter into conveyer belt in order under the rotary tangential force, less labor, boost production efficiency……

    • BLP-20D Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

      BLP-20D Automatic Bottle Unscra…

      Description : This machine is composed of the storage bottle institutions, unscramble bottle rotary, and bottle-up constitution of mechanism, through the adjustable speed of rotary unscramble bottle……

    • BLP-200D Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

      BLP-200D Automatic Bottle Unscr…

      Description : Randomly oriented bottles are received in bulk into the hopper and supplied to the centrifugal disc by means of a conveyor. In the disc, the bottles are guided into a qualified position suitable for the stand


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