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    • BTB-250D Automatic Shrinkable Sleeve Labeling Machine

      BTB-250D Automatic Shrinkable S…

      Description : The machine is suitable for the automatic shrinkage and the thermal contraction of various shaped bottles, such as round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles and curved bottles.……

    • BTZ-100D Paste Paper Brand Labeling Machine

      BTZ-100D Paste Paper Brand Labe…

      Description : The machine suits for the consecutive paper label-sticking of cylinder vessel such as round glass, plastic and polyester bottle, it can automatically fetch label, smear clue and stick. Under the controlling of the dector.……

    • BTS-150D Adhesive Front and Back Labeling Machine

      BTS-150D Adhesive Front and Bac…

      Description : This machine is suitable for automatic double-sided labeling of flat, square and round bottle products. The use of double-sided chain correction device to ensure that the bottle of the neutral……

    • BTB-150D Automatic Adhesive Labeling Machine

      BTB-150D Automatic Adhesive Lab…

      Description : The machine suits for label of the cylindrical vessel, can once only complete label-sticking and packing up. It uses photoelectric detecting and synchronous tracing, ensuring synchronism of label-conveying speed……


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