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    Labeling machinery and the basic process of classification

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    The label is a line or other material added to a packaging container or product, printed with a product description and a design. The main contents include the manufacturer, product name, trademark, composition, quality characteristics, the use of methods, the number of packaging, storage should be noted, warning signs, other advertising patterns, etc., is an indispensable component of modern packaging. A machine that uses a binder to attach a label to a package or product is called a labeling machine.

    First, the labeling of mechanical classification

    Label the material, shape a lot, the type of object is labeled, many varieties, labeling requirements are not the same. In order to meet the labeling requirements under different conditions, the labeling machine has a variety of different types of labeling machines, there are labeling process and the device structure on the difference.
    Labeling machine classification methods are many, such as: ① by the degree of automation points, labeling machine can be divided into semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic labeling machine; ② according to the direction of the container running, can be divided into vertical labeling machine and Horizontal labeling machine; ③ according to the type of label, can be divided into chip label labeling machine, roll label labeling machine, hot adhesive label labeling machine and pressure-sensitive label labeling machine and shrink film sets Label labeling machine; ④ according to the form of container movement, can be divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine; ⑤ by labeling machine structure points, can be divided into gantry labeling machine, vacuum drum paste Marking machine, multi-standard drum drum labeling machine, lever sticker, rotary labeling machine; ⑥ by labeling process characteristics, can be divided into pressure lift type labeling machine, rolling labeling machine, rubbing Roll labeling machine, brush-type labeling machine.

    Second, the basic process of labeling

        ① take the standard by the marking mechanism to remove the label from the label box. Mainly to ensure that the number of standards to meet the requirements.
        ② Label Transfer Transfer the label to the labeling unit. Usually in the transfer process, the completion of printing, glue and so on.
        ③ printed on the label printed on the date of production, product batches and other digital.
        ④ glue on the back of the label coated with adhesive. The work is mainly done by the gumming mechanism.
        ⑤ label the label will be attached to the specified location in the container.
        ⑥ rolling, ironing will stick to the container surface of the label by rolling, ironing, to further affix, eliminate wrinkles warping, rolling up and other defects, so that the label posted flat, smooth, solid.

    Third, the label of the paste way

    Labeling machine yumao./ on the bottle and other packaging containers of the label paste with a straight line paste and two kinds of paste.
    1. Straight line paste
    Means that the container is moved forward in a straight shape and the adhesive label is affixed to the container specified position. The labeling process is divided into three states.
    ① the container intermittently move forward, do not move when the label paste;
    ② in the container movement process will send the label to the scheduled station for paste;
    (3) Straighten the label with the adhesive and synchronize the moving speed of the container. And can be synchronized to paste the label to the bottle, bottleneck and shoulder and so on.
    2. Round paste
    So that the bottle is recumbent, during the rotation of the machine = "shanmeng./" _src = "shanmeng ./"> shanmeng./ paste the label.

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