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    Application of automatic labeling machine for large product

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    It is understood that automatic labeling machine for cultural and educational, food, electronics and other industries flat object labeling, widely used in large-scale products, flat labeling, size range of large object labeling. There are two methods of rolling and suction, mainly based on efficiency, accuracy and bubble requirements for selection.
    The same time as
    Auxiliary function; optional transparent label for the detection of electric eye to improve the detection accuracy; optional printer and other configuration, synchronized to complete the code and labeling, and can alert the status of printing equipment; both stand-alone use, but also to meet the use of the line The

    Automatic labeling machine is currently developing more and more good, ever-changing commodity era, people are demanding for the packaging of goods is still higher and higher, labeling machine for the packaging industry is a huge role. More and more labeling machine manufacturers, the use of updated technology, more humane innovation, to create a batch of more welcomed by the enterprise labeling machine.

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