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    Packaging machinery will usher in the rapid development of the golden period

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    Food packaging machinery in China, the rapid development of the industry has emerged a lot of large-scale, good efficiency leading enterprises. At present, China's food packaging machinery output value of 30 billion yuan, while the annual import of food packaging machinery about 1 billion US dollars. Food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing industry for the food industry to provide technical and equipment of the important industries in recent years, gradually developed into China's national economy, the fastest growing, one of the most dynamic pillar industries. However, due to the late start, the technical resources are not concentrated and other reasons, China's food processing and packaging machinery manufacturing technology innovation capability is very weak.

    Packaging machinery development prospects

    In the past 20 years, the food processing industry with a large number of imported agricultural products has been developed at an alarming rate. It has become one of the fastest growing industries in China's national economy. From the beginning of the 1980s to the present, the annual growth rate of the national food industry reached 13% to 14%. Agricultural products processing industry for the packaging industry first provides a broad space for development. Any of the processed foods are inseparable from the packaging, including sales of packaging and shipping packaging. And bear the brunt, but also the first benefit is the packaging machinery.
    The same time as
    China's food packaging machinery industry started in the early 80s of the 20th century, the development so far, the national food and packaging machinery production enterprises have nearly 6,000, but about 2,000 of which are not stable enough, each year nearly 15% of enterprises converted or closed, while There are about the same number of new enterprises to enter the industry. On the one hand illustrates the fierce competition in this industry, on the other hand illustrates the attractiveness and vitality of the industry, as well as everyone optimistic about its prospects. In this industry, annual sales of more than 100 million yuan only a dozen, with annual sales of more than 30 million yuan of about 50 enterprises, 75% of the industry's exports are produced by the 50 companies. This shows that large enterprises have a high level of technology and production capacity in the market competition to occupy an absolute advantage.

    According to authoritative experts predict that the current global machinery and equipment market demand is 5.2% annual growth rate of rapid growth in 2012 is expected to reach 39.8 billion US dollars. The next few years, packaging equipment in developing countries, the market will exceed Japan, the United States and other developed countries. In 2010, China's demand for packaging machinery and equipment is about 3.3 billion US dollars. According to the China Machinery Industry Federation forecast, "second five" period, China's packaging machinery industry is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate will reach 16%.

    China 's food packaging machinery development constraints

    With the rapid development of society, the prosperity of commodity economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, commodity packaging more and more people's attention, with the packaging machinery industry has also been rapid development. China's packaging machinery as a whole started late, after years of rapid development, has now become one of the top ten industries in the machinery industry, with the continuous development of science and technology and packaging machinery technology continues to improve, China's packaging machinery industry will usher in Rapid development period.

    China's food packaging machinery and equipment not only on the scale, but also to accelerate the integration of optoelectronics, automation. In the filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging materials, production equipment, and so has made great progress. However, China's export volume of packaging machinery is still less than 5% of total output, imports are roughly equal with the total output value. This shows that China's demand for packaging machinery gap is very large, domestic packaging machinery and foreign products compared to the gap between the level of science and technology is still large, far from domestic demand can not meet.

    In addition, China's packaging machinery varieties of about 1,300 kinds, the lack of high-tech, high-precision, high-quality ancillary products, product performance, stability and reliability is poor, short life, rough surface treatment, modeling unsightly, China's packaging machinery technology The level of the overall situation than the advanced countries behind 20 years or so; from the enterprise situation, the domestic packaging machinery industry, the lack of leading enterprises, high level of technology, production scale, product quality to reach the international level of small enterprises; from scientific research product development See, but also basically stay in the test imitation stage, self-development capacity is not strong, less scientific research, funding accounted for only 1% of sales, while the developed countries up to 8 to 10%.

    High-end technology to help upgrade the packaging machinery products

    China's packaging machinery industry has great potential for development, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the future of microelectronics, computers, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials in the packaging machinery will be more and more widely used, Urgent need to learn and introduce new technologies, to the production of high efficiency, high degree of automation, reliability, flexibility, high technical content of the packaging equipment to enter. To create a new type of packaging machinery, leading packaging machinery to the integrated, efficient, intelligent and other direction.


    The high efficiency of food processing, mainly the use of mechanical and electrical integration technology and light, electricity, liquid, automatic control technology to achieve, by continuous production equipment instead of intermittent production equipment, by specialized production equipment instead of universal production equipment, By the human type of production equipment instead of small and medium production equipment. So that the production line to achieve continuous production, professional operations, automated regulation, large-scale operation, can significantly improve production efficiency and economic efficiency. At present, many large-scale manufacturing enterprises of food machinery or multinational companies, most of the development of a high degree of automation production lines, the scale of production of large-scale production equipment to efficient production to win the market competitiveness.


    Since the 21st century, compared with the traditional packaging machinery and equipment, new food packaging machine requires a simple, high productivity, better supporting, more automated and so on. The future of packaging machinery will meet the trend of industrial automation, and promote the overall level of packaging equipment to improve. Such as high intelligent CNC system, encoder and digital control components, power load control and other new intelligent devices have been widely used in packaging machinery and equipment, so that equipment users in the operation process is more independent, flexible, correct operation, high Efficiency and compatibility.

    It is understood that the current level of foreign packaging and food machinery in the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom. While the German packaging machinery in the design, manufacture and technical performance, etc. are living in a leading position. In recent years, the development of packaging and food machinery and equipment in these countries has shown a new trend.

    Process automation is getting higher and higher. At present, automation technology in the packaging production line has accounted for more than 50%, the domestic Zhengzhou Spark packaging machinery and equipment extensive use of computer design and mechanical and electrical integration control, improve productivity, equipment flexibility and flexibility to increase the robot to complete the complex packaging action. Each robot is controlled by a separate computer, the camera monitors the packaging action and feedback information to the computer to adjust the action range, to ensure the quality of packaging.

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